Installing webMethods SAP Adapter
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This Blog is about how to install and activate the WmSAP package on webMethods Integration Server.

First of all start the software AG installer and then select the following two components present in the below picture.


You have to select the full option of webMethods SAP adapter as done in the above image . The Program Files install the WmSAP package on the IS and the Designer plugin will help you create IDoc's , SAP adapter notifications and other SAP adapter related stuffs through the designer. So, make sure you select both these options.

After this click on Next , again Next and then Finish . This will install the WmSAP package and the designer plugin . Now let's see the package on the IS. You observer that the package WmSAP is partially loaded now what you have missed. See below picture :-


Actually we have missed the client side libraries of the SAP which need to be installed or placed inside the integration server. The jar files which need to be placed in the server classpath are mentioned below :-

1. sapidoc3.jar

2. sapjco3.jar

These two jar files can be placed at the following location IntegrationServerlibjars or at the following location IntegrationServerpackagesWmSAPcodejarsstatic.

Note for windows you require to do one more thing that is you have to register one .dll file to the windows registry. The name of the .dll file is sapjco3.dll , this action is only required to be performed on windows system and not required on linux or unix based systems.

The command to execute the .dll file is mentioned below :-

regsvr32 sapjco3.dll , It’s better to place the sapjco3.dll in the WmSAP package only then run this command.

After you have performed all these activities restart your Integration server and the WmSAP package on your server will be activated . Now you will be able to create connections , listeners and Notifications.

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