Switching from Developer to Designer in 8.2
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WebMethods Developer is reaching end-of-life and will no longer be supported by SAG. Developer is replaced by Designer. from 8.2 and it can be used for everything that was done in Developer .
Follow the steps for smoothly moving from Developer tool to designer.

Designer Setup

  Find the eclipse.ini file in the C:SoftwareAG822eclipsev36 directory.  Edit it and change -Xms128m to -Xms1024m (unless you don't have a lot of memory, then at least set it to -Xms512m).  This will prevent a lot of garbage collection thrashing in eclipse  and makes execution much more faster.


Use the "Service Development" perspective - this is the perspective that replaces the functionality of Developer where you can develop flow and Java services and can access other Developer/IS objects
From Designer, select Window > Open Perspective > Service Development

You can now move windows around and even pull them out onto a second screen.  I prefer moving the pipeline to my second 24" monitor and have a huge pipeline window now.

Once your perspective is configured how you like it, you can save it with Window->Save Perpective As... and give it a name. when you have a different saved perspective when working on the laptop versus working on dual 24" monitors.

If you mess up and lose a window, you can usually get it back with Window->Show View->Other and find the window (like properties or pipeline).

If you really mess up your layout, use Window->Reset Perspective.

Connect to Integration Server

You still need to connect to an Integration Server. 
From Designer, select Window > Preferences > +Software AG > Integration Server >Default > Edit set the server Host, Port, User, and Password. You can use the defaults for the check-boxes "Connect immediately" and "Connect at startup".   Leave your development is name as Default, especially if you will be doing workflow development. 

Hints for usage

  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Ctrl-L locks the service you are focused on
    • Ctrl-U unlocks the service you are focused on
  • Double click on a service invoke step in the service editor will open that service in the editor.
  • Windows -> Preferences SoftwareAG -> Service Development -> Flow Service Editor - add/remove favorite services to customize your palette view
  • To get to the flow service properties (like for setting the pipeline debug option), click on white space in the editor.
  • Sometimes you just can't seem to add a new variable to the pipeline.  Click on an existing string variable, then the insert usually works!

Process Development

By default you are in Business Analyst mode. To get to advanced options and settings You have to hit an icon in the toolbar that says Process Developer. Note this is different than the Process Development perspective.

New features of Designer

Document References

Right click on a document to "Inspect Pipeline references". This will search for any pipeline mappings on the whole server which don't match the document definition. (Great if you've changed a doc structure and want to make sure you changed all the mappings). 

Working Set

On the Package Navigator toolbar, click V and select "Select Working Set". You can then select only the packages you want to see and filter out the rest. (p66 of the Designer User's Guide). 

Pipeline as Html

On the pipeline view, right click and select "View as HTML" if you want to save the view of the pipeline and/or print it. 

Launch Configurations (for running or debugging)

In Run > Run Configurations you can set up different inputs for a service for different uses (unit tests is a good candidate). They all get saved as files in your workspace. (p300 of the Designer User's Guide) 

Saving the pipeline while debugging

You can now save the pipeline while you are debugging a service either to your local driveor to the Integration Server's pipeline directory. You can then debug again and restore the data from that file (p319 of the Designer User's Guide) 

Debug Java Service

You can now debug java services in Designer. It requires some configuration and setup..refer designers user guide for more info.

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