Adding a menu item to WebMethods Admin Console
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The WebMethods menu on the left hand side has a series of menu sections and menu items.
These are controlled by a series of services in the package (contained within package WmRoot):

  • wm.server.ui

The main service which results in all the menu iteams is called wm.server.ui:mainMenu. You can view the results of this service by:
1) going to the console
2) Project Management
3) Package WmRoot
4) Browse services for this package
5) Execute it.

You will also see on this page a list of services available. However do not use the services to create the menu items.



To add your own custom menu link, create 3 services in WebMethods Developer.

  • addSolution
  • removeSolution
  • callback


The process:

  • The first two services need to call services called wm.server.ui.addSolution or wm.server.ui.removeSolution respectively.
    • For the callback parameter, make them point to your callback service. e.g. zzDavid.davidTest.menuAdmin:callback
    • Note: to create this flow service create any service and manually change its General -> Service property on the right.
  • For the callback service place a MAP step and add the following parameters:
    Name Description Value
    name Description of menu WmUnit
    text The text to display WmUnit
    url The url link ../WmUnit.dsp
    target The target link to display WmUnit.dsp
  • Run the Add service to create a menu item which will by default go into the Solutions menu section
    • Note the 3 periods (...) are automatically appended at the end of the text name
    • Use the Remove service with the same callback parameters to remove the menu item
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