Dynamic Server Pages (DSP) Primer
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This blog is for developers who want to build browser-based clients using Dynamic Server Pages (DSPs) to format the results of services executed on the webMethods Integration Server.

What Is a Dynamic Server Page?

A dynamic server page (DSP) is a document embedded with special codes (tags) that instruct the webMethods Integration Server to perform certain actions when an HTTP (or HTTPS) client requests the document. DSPs are used to construct browser-based applications. Because they are HTML based, they can be used to build complex user interfaces that includes any valid construct (e.g., forms, cascading style sheets, JavaScript) recognized by the client’s browser.

 Working with DSPs:

Example DSP code:





The above code is similar to a HTML code. This code can be written in notepad and then save it with .dsp extension and the location of the file should be



In the above code we have invoke tag as shown below





This tag is used to invoke a service from webMethods Integration server and the service we are calling here is additionDSP which is in package VMI and folder Nanda. We need to complete path for the service. The additionDSP service looks like this with inputs num1 and num2 and output sum.






The input tags in our DSP are




These text box names should match with our service inputs.

 For ex. here the inputs in service are num1 and num2 and also the text box names in DSP are num1 and num2.

 And in between the invoke tags we have value which is as below



This gives the output and this also should be similar to the output of the service in webMethods Integration Service.

To process this DSP, we have to request it from a browser using the following URL format:



 And the page looks like this




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