Publishing documents when the broker is not available
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wM IS 6.1

1) Create a document type and name it.

2) Open the document and add the strings /define strings  in a document for inserting data. (Manually create it)

3) Go to properties of the document and publishable  - TRUE

4) Share the document.

5) Create a service for publishing the document  to the broker.      

 Wm : public : publish : publish

Document ref  -   document (publishable)

Document type name : copy and paste the doc path

                   Local : False

6) Save and run the service

7) Click on the publishable document and click on the sync  document type then the publishable document will be moved  into the broker. 


            On the subscriber  side :

1) Create a broker  doc type by  choosing  all choices         Doc type         Broker doc type

2) Obtain the reference of the Document  from the broker we can see all the document

 Types  .Which are pushed into the broker.

3) Create a trigger.

Document type :  Path of broker doc type

Service  :  any  subscription  services

4)  Create a subscription service.

After this when the publish service is run on the other side then the publishable    

Publishable document is moved  into the Broker./ the data or  the document  with data is moved into the broker.

From there  based on the broker document type reference, the trigger on the subscriber side is fired and the defined subscription  service runs automatically.

For  guaranteed documents / outbound document store.

     Guaranteed         storage type : guaranteed (default)

If by any way broker is not available or broker server is shutdown then the Published documents Go into outbound document sore which is at :

Webmethods 61/IintegrationServer/document store /...................

When the broker is available or the broker server is up than the published document is subscribed automatically.

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