webMethods Flat file to XML document scenario
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Step by step transformation of a XML file from flat file using wM 6.1

1)      Create a flat file in some directory

2)      Create records in the flat file, each record having some fields, separate the fields in records by delimiters  & separate the records by  delimiters share  it.

3)      Select new – All choices

           â€“ Flat file dictionary

                            -Name the dictionary


                           -Flat file dictionary created

   4)  Select the dictionary

             Record definition


                                     New                 emp


               New –field definition      Fields                eno               ename                 esal        


               Extractor  type- n th field  Position           0                   1                          2




4)       Select new- All  choices – Flat file  schema




5)        Choose – Flat field definition


  Select –Record delimiter as record separator


  Select­ – Field   delimiter  as field  separator.


     (properties press set button)


    ((give the path of flat dictionary  & press  finish))


                 It shows record reference.




6)      Then click on create document type button           next                 next            finish


It will create schema  DT of document  type




7)      Create an  XML  document with  same fields as  flat file schema


          Select  Document  as root


          And Document  list as schema  name


          And  Strings as  records




8)      Add a flow service to get the file




      Get file and  load as bytes


      Double click on file name-


      Select the path of  flat file


     Paste it in the  message box




9)      Add a flow service to convert the  values of the flat file   (inside service)


Winflatfile . pub.flatfile.convert  to values




           bytes map to flatfile data


           double click on flatfile schema


    copy the schema name and  paste it in the message box (inside pipeline out)


               -select – document – reference


                             Ctl – v


                Copy schema DT & paste as name of the Document  reference


                Map flat file values and schema  DT Reference




10)   Select a map(flow service)


Create new document ref. -  copy XML document name & paste.




               Pipeline In                                                                   Pipeline Out


                                                            MAP                                  (XM/XML)


               fH schema DT                                                                XML Doc


                   record                                                                                   Root


                                                                                                                          Emp (schema)




                      R1                                                                                       R1


                      R2                                                                                        R2


                      R3                                                                                         R3




              Mapping of schema document values to XML document values.




11)   Add a flow service to convert XML document to XML string


Winpub . pub . XML document to XML string


XML                         map                          document




12)   Add a flow service


Win sample .sample. Io . test . write to file


XML data                  map                              file content


Then it will generate an  XML file at a specified path




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