Adding a Broker Server to Broker Administrator
Jan 15, 2012 20:02 0 Comments Administration Raj Kumar

TASK: Adding a Broker Server

OS: WindowsOS

Platform: webMethods 6.1

We can configure and manage the default Broker Server and other Broker Servers on our network from Broker Administrator.


Ø  Go toWmBrokerAdmin page (http://localhost:5555/WmBrokerAdmin)and click on Known Broker Servers under Settings tab.

Ø  Now click on Add Known Broker Server.


altØ  Now give Server Hostname and click Add


Now we can see that the broker server is created.

Ø  We can create more brokers in a broker server.

Ø  Click on localhost.

Ø  Now localhost page pops up. 

altØ  Now we can create more brokers by clicking “Create Broker on localhost”.

Ø  Now it pops up a window to create another Broker.



Ø  Give Broker name that you want to create and click Add button.

Ø If you want to keep this broker as default broker then tick the “Default Broker” check box.





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