webMethods step by step starting Integration Server Broker and My webMethods server
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TASK: Starting the Integration Server, Broker and MWS

OS: WindowsOS

Platform: webMethods 7.1.2


In this Scenario we will start the server components of the Fabric suite, and then open the Administrator console to confirm.

1)    Start the Services administrative tool: 

Got to start menu type SERVICES.MSC and run.

2)    Make sure the Oracle Server services are started. If they are not started, then start the Oracle Server services for Oracle Server and Oracle Server full text search


3)    Check the entry for webMethods Broker Monitor 7.1. This service normally installs in windows environments as an automatic service, and then is responsible for starting the webMethods Broker server 7.1 service. If this service is not started, start the Broker Monitor service. You should see the Broker server service start immediately after the Broker Monitor- there is no need to start it manually. Wait for both services to show started. Press F5 to refresh the view.


4)    Check the entry for My webMethods server 7.1. The My webMethods Server is set to Automatic start. If it is not started, start the MWS service. The service will return almost immediately and show started, but behind the scenes, the My webMethods Server will take a minute or two to start. Use Bare Tail to watch the_full_.log at the following location to see when it is complete: C:webMethods712MWSserverdefaultlogs2009-06-05_13-21 _full_.log. Wait for the server to completely start.


5)    Use the start menu Integration Server 7.1 shortcut to start the Integration server. It is not typically installed as a service for two reasons: it has no shutdown feature available to the windows service manager, and the IS ma be dependent on supporting databases or systems. IS may take up to several minutes to start. You can watch the log window for the words initialization completed in XX seconds. 


There are also other ways of starting an Integration server by runnign batch file atC:webMethods712IntegrationServerin

6)    Verify that IS has started by using a browser to access http://localhost:5555m Login as Administrator | manage


7)    In the Admininstrator console’s Settings area, check the Integration Server license key by selecting the Licensing link. Verify that the license key will not expire during your practice. 


8)    Verify that the My webMethods server has started by using a browser to accesshttp://localhost:8585. Login as Administrator | manage


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