webMethods step by step high level large document or transaction handling
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Task: Configuring Large document handling

OS: WindowsOS

Platform: webMethods 6.1




Figure 1 – Source Processing


The Integration Server receives an inbound document containing one to many transactions.  This document is then split by transaction (a configurable value set in the service call), written to disk, and a notification is sent to the Broker.



Figure 2 – Process Node


Each Node Notification received triggers the process node service, which will process the node to Canonical, tracking the count of the specified element list, and publishing a canonical when the specified threshold is met.  Once the service completes processing the node, a Large Transaction Notification is published to Broker.



Figure 3 – Target Processing


Each Canonical received by the Target service is processed per Target requirements and written to disk.



Figure 4 – Target Batching


Each Large Transaction Notification is received by the Target package.  The batching service will verify that all the reported “parts” of the original message have been processed and will then batch the data to the target system.


Broker: The webMethods Broker is the hub of the system. Its main purpose is to exchange documents between components that are connected to it. The Broker is provided by the webMethods Integration Platform software. It stores the webMethods Documents that are related to the interface point. All webMethods Documents are stored in the client queues of the Broker and then dispatched to the components that subscribe to these documents. For further information, please see the webMethods Integration Platform documentation.

Integration Server: The webMethods Integration Server hosts services that contain the logic of the interface point. It uses a JDBC Adapter to connect to the databases. Subscription is performed through conditional trigger that invokes the appropriate services.



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    Hi May I know where do we set this configurable value,broker settings or integration server settings, screen shot would be much helpful Thanks

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