webMethods scenario on Flat file to EDI
Nov 30, 2011 01:00 1 Comments Development Pavan

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Pre requisites:

               Flat file Dictionary

                  Flat file schema DT

                  Flat file schema         

                  EDI Dictionary(empty)

                  EDI schema DT (created through set parse)

                  EDI schema

Wm EDI: b2b : Edi : SEFParse :

 Sefparse (For populating Edi dictionary with data and for creating Edi schema & DT)

1) Get flat file data into IS using

Ø  Pub : file : get file

2) convert byte data to values by this service and map accordingly

Ø  Pub.flat file. Convert to values

           Map the below variables:

                                                            Bytes – flat file data

                                                            Flat file schema – path

                                                           pipe out  :  flat file schema DT   ref.

                                                          Flat file schema DT  - EDI schema DT

3) Convert the values to string using the service and map the values accordingly

                                      Wm : b2b : edi. Convert to string

                                           Map the below variables:

                                           EDI schema DT -  values

                                          Flat file schema -  path of EDI schema

4)  Write the output to destination folder using the servicd:

                                    Sample . Io .test .write to file

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    Hi Can anyone please say me, what is the internal process of logging into FTP server and how do you pick the file from the folder of trading partners and how do you convert to IS.doc and publish it to broker? Thanks in advance.

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