webMethods 6.5 Release Broker changes
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-  In the 6.5 release,  the following six jar file names and locations of Broker and JMS have been changed:

  1. Move ..webMethods6Brokerlibjms.jar

   to   ..webMethods6commonlibjms.jar

2. Move ..webMethods6Brokerlibjta.jar    to   ..webMethods6commonlibjta.jar

3. Rename and move ..webMethods6BrokerlibBrokerJMS61.jar    to              ..webMethods6commonlibwmjmsclient.jar

4. Rename ..webMethods6commonlibclient61.jar        to ..webMethods6commonlibwmbrokerclient.jar

5. Rename ..webMethods6Brokerlibjmsnaming61.jar
       to ..webMethods6Brokerlibwmjmsnaming.jar

6. Rename ..webMethods6Brokerlibjmsadmin61.jar
       to ..webMethods6Brokerlibwmjmsadmin.jar


-          There are no longer three versions of the COM adapter with different SSL support. Instead, there is only one: awcom65.ocx, which corresponds to former domestic SSL.


-          Running an earlier version of JVM causes the following error message to appear: "The Broker is not started" - even though the Broker is actually running. To avoid the error message, you will need to install IBM JVM 1.4.2 build cxia32142sr1a-20050209 (or greater) before running the webMethods Installer 6.5.


-           When you have multiple versions of the Broker installed, the latest installed version of the Broker Monitor is running instead of the latest version of the Broker Monitor. The workaround is to install Broker versions in order from the earliest to the latest, e.g., install 6.0, 6.1, and then 6.5 (not 6.0, 6.5, and then 6.1).


-          You cannot import *.adl files from older Brokers using the version 6.5 of the Broker Admin or command line tools because the structure of the configuration data changed in version 6.5. The workaround is if you are running an older version of Broker, you need to export using the same version of the Broker Admin or command line tools. For example, if you are using Broker 6.1, you need to: 1) export the .adl file using either the 6.1 version of the Broker Admin or command line tool and then 2) import into Broker 6.5 using either the 6.5 version of the Broker or command line tool, respectively. For more information, refer to the appropriate webMethods Broker Component Upgrade Manual for 6.5.


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