Topic:   What is the actual difference between webMethods Broker JMS API and Broker JAVA API with respect to My webMethods Server
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    idnkx user


    I was just wondering what would be the real difference between [b]Broker JMS API and Broker JAVA API[/b] with respect to My webMethods Server ? where should we check for the [b]Java API and JMS API info[/b] ??
    How to install these two and where should we install at Broker or at MWS host ??

    idnkx user

    Raj Kumar

    The clients which we create using MWS console -> Messaging -> Broker servers -> clients -> add clients and the clients for viewing territories would be JAVA clients and all other existing clients, which are on a remote Broker server which are visible from MWS console will be JMS clients.

    For example we have installed latest JAVA API fix3 which has build 90 at our localhost and if we create a test client from MWS to access Broker information which was installed on any other server then we are using JAVA API to get the Broker information through the local client, we can see the build as 90 there.

    JMS will be -> From the MWS Administration -> Broker servers -> clients -> click on any existing client on remote broker except the system clients -> go to the sessions tab -> click on any session no you can find [b]API Language Version:[/b][b]121[/b] <- is nothing but your current JMS API build no which you can also see if you go to the location where your broker was installed and check for $SAG/common/lib/wm-brokerclient.jar

    unzip -c wm-brokerclient.jar META-INF/MANIFEST.MF|less
    You can find the same build no as you can see from MWS console.

    For any other clients we see JMS API which was installed on the remote Brokers. JAVA API would be installed only on MWS server. JMS API can be installed on the server where your brokers reside using update manager, but JAVA API would be installed only on your server where you have MWS instance and the interesting thing here is we do not have any broker installed here so your update manager would not show this component under available installations.
    You have to manually unzip the downloaded fix from SAG go the directory /binary unzip the file wMFix.Broker.JavaApi_8.0.2.0003-0090 and get wm-brokerclient.jar and manually place it at your /common/lib/wm-brokerclient.jar folder and restart your server.

    Hope this helps..

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