Topic:   What is the impact of Heartbleed to webmethods?
Jul 23, 2014 00:15 2 Replies 674 Views siuywi
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    Heartbleed and webMethods. Most of us would have come across Heartbleed in past week.. What are it's impact to webmethods?
    Well, we did a deep analysis of same with webmethods team in past few days..
    All the components of webmethods.. IS, Broker, etc.. are said to be free of the vulnerability due to OpenSSL.
    And if you have used the vulnerable version of OpenSSL for making changes to your certificates ( private/public keys) you must make a change to your Certs ASAP. If you used keytool, then there's nothing to worry..
    Net - Net... webmethods is out of the vulnerability due to OpenSSL bug, codenamed ""Heartbleed"

    idnkx user


    no one is out of heartbleed bug as long as you are using openssl and as long as your system are open to internet...the impact has been very wide and non won't even know if your private keys are compromised...upgrade your openssl lib and regenerate certs

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