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    Hi All,
    Need one help on CAF, Currently we are using wM 8.2 ver where we have created some DSP pages but now we want to move DSP pages to CAF. Need to understand what all add-ons needs to be done in our existing environment.
    Thanks for your help in Advance!!!

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    Add ons? you mean additional stuff required for CAF? you need to have MWS to run the CAF Portlets on them(of course you use IS services for back end ), unlike DSP which run on IS server.

    If you are comfortable with some of the controls in CAF, you would be able to replicate the functionality of DSP in the CAF Portlet . Since CAF was quite different, i found it challenging to get some functionality working. Eg: To send selected row values in an async table as a document list to a flow service. As far as I know, CAF doesn't provide a direct functionality for this, I had to write a Java code to get this done.

    These are such instances which you may face. You can use Java if you are comfortable. But for simple DSP pages you won't find it hard to replicate it in CAF. good luck

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    Thanks hawk it will surely be helpful. one thing though I wasnot able to get UI development option in my designer. Did I miss anything while installation.

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