Topic:   how can we came to know which processing rule can excute out of two processing rules in webMethods Trading Networks
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    idnkx user


    if there is two processing rules for one document exchange,which processing rule excute first how can we came to know that processing rule can excute.

    idnkx user


    it executes processing rule which has least ordinal value..

    idnkx user


    If a document matches more than one proces sing rule, Trading Networks uses the first processing rule it encounters. As a result, the order in which you maintain your processing rules is important because Trading Networks checks for a matching processing rule in that order. Keep rules with specific criteria before rules with general criteria.

    You should also set up a default processing rule that you want Trading Networks to use when a document does not match any of the other processi ng rules. Place the default processing rule last in the list.

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