Topic:   i want to know what is meant by webMethods Unit testing, SIT, and UAT.
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    hi friends i want to know what is meant by Unit testing, SIT, and UAT.

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    Unit Testing : Each unit or piece of code, the developer will test by himself in the development environment.

    SIT: (Systems Integration Testing) : When all the Systems development involved in an integration(such as the source, middle-ware and the target) is completed, then the technical teams would conduct end to end testing of their integration before handing it to the UAT.

    UAT ( User Acceptance Testing): Here is where, you bring in your Business users to test the integration you all built, upon their sign-off, you will be good to move the code base to Prod environment. UAT capacity handling, environment parameters etc are supposed to be a replica of the prod environment.

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    thank you Pavanarab

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