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    idnkx user


    We are planning to migrate from webmethods 6.5 [model,packages and trading partner profiles.]to 9.6 and would like to know the best approach and RAM and processor requirement for this .

    I understand the webmethods 9.6 have one of the new feature as Multi-instance Integration Server: The Integration Server now allows you to configure multiple instances within the same installation.

    Does this means that we can have multiple instances with different certificates say one with SHAI and another with SHA2?

    Does webmethods 9.6 supports SHA2 for Rosettanet module?

    idnkx user


    It is always best to Approach SAG regarding migration.even though there is a delay in reply but they will provide best approach(side by side or Other) with suggestions and documents.

    it creates both instances with same certificate that what we have provided during installation.
    but at different ports.

    I hope it supports because we are using RSN module with 9.7.

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