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    Don`t know, insufficient real business comparative data to make an unbiased comparison on platform integration speed across every integration processing method on a real time, method selection and accuracy of precision data basis against true value outcomes in business time reality.
    They may both want to be the no.1, go to solution for integration resolution against real time, business deadlines. But which one requires a business world expectation of when real time, business deadline solution solving can be produced on a preferred integration method, with the accuracy and precision of trust on the value(s) significance before a preemptive, business decision can be made on how to make and when to change an investment series of options.
    This canvassing of business world expectation may very well need to be done in the greatest levels of undisclosed secrecy to prevent competitive disclosure of options and may very well take a great deal of time and effort by the comparative, trialing team working isolated under the utmost secrecy.
    Because both business deadline times (speed of data processing achievement), accuracy and precision of the integrated data spread with the integration method selected will have to be treated with the strictest anonymity. Using a sufficiently large enough database for statistical significance across every feasible integration method chosen before its relevance to the individual commodity market and business trend change and value of change can be fully absorbed by the business world.

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