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    I would like to send an alert text message to my mobile whenever something goes wrong with webMethods Could anyone let me know what services i need to use and the configuration settings i need to do at webMethods to acheive it. :)

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    There are many ways to send SMS from webMethods to a mobile. The support of SMS is not based on the product, ie. webMethods, but your local mobile telephone company. Their systems are quite different, some use SMTP protocols, some different ways to connect to the service. You should contact your local telephone company to find outSee. some of methods to do it are listed below:

    1) From Optimize rules there is one option to set an Action. Edit a Rule -> Click "Add Alert" -> Here you can specify your user/email id and if you have the SMS sending feature from your company outlook you can add like this

    2) You will need either an internally deployed SMS gateway or a contract with a service bureau that will do this for you. In either case, there will be an API of some sort that will allow you to create and send the SMS message programmatically. Your company or customer will need to provide you with information about their SMS gateway solution in order for you to meet this requirement. If the web-enabled sms gateway is available, then it will be a post-call.

    3) Here are several providers that offer web services APIs to send SMS messages. If you were to use one of those providers you would generate a web services connector from the WSDL file provided by the vendor, optimize the generated web service connector to remove hardcoded endpoint addresses URL; and add additional error handling as needed.

    4) Internal software solutions may offer a Java API. If so, you will need to add the java archive file jar; to the IntegrationServer Jars folder, reboot the server and then create a simple java service that invokes the appropriate methods to send the message.

    5) Also, you might check out the feedback on SMS Gateway providers at [url=]SMSForum.Net[/url] for ideas on potential vendors.

    6) If you are in the US, each service has an EMAIL method to send an SMS. You can search google for the keys to this or check these:
    United States SMS work-around:

    - Sprint PCS 10 digit number 41;
    - TMobile ;10 digit number 41;
    - Verizon ;10 digit number 41;
    - Cingular ;10 digit number 41;
    - AT&T Wireless ;10 digit number ;

    7) To send and receive SMS, Communicate Server must be configured to use a third-party
    SMS service [url=]Refer[/url]

    Sending text messages is very simple and can be achieved using pub.communicate:sendSms.
    When SMS are received for a client, Communicate will publish a receivedSMS document
    which can then be used to start business processes.

    Hope this answers your query.

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