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    idnkx user


    We are getting SSL errors while trying to configure Certificates.

    [b]com.wm.estd.ebXML.EbException: com.wm.estd.ebXML.EbException: [/b]Server certificate rejected by ChainVerifier

    What does 'cLAW' means?


    What does this property mean and how we can use it.

    idnkx user

    Raj Kumar

    If you want the Integration Server to accept a connection when one or more of the CA certificates in the chain are expired, you must update the [b][/b]property in the server configuration file. (server.cnf) to true
    . This setting will cause the server to ignore expired CA certificates in the chain.

    For "true" expired chains are ignored. All other values are treated as "false".

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