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Apr 23, 2013 11:02 2 Replies 1660 Views varun kumar
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    varun kumar

    Hi IDN members,

    I need some explanation on Logging framework. I don't have any idea about that. Can any one explain about the use of Logging Framework. how the Logging framework will work and please suggest the [u]sample code[/u] how we can achieve it.

    Looking for the quick responses.


    idnkx user

    Raj Kumar

    Normally logs after 30 days should be cleaned . After 2 weeks you can zip the logs - overall, its never good practice to have logging on the same disc where the applications are running as those slow down everything. Audit logging is typically logged to a central logging database.

    Consider minimizing audit logging and server logging in a production environment. The server log level should be kept at 1, unless debugging a specific production issue.

    As of now i do not have any framework or sample code to share with you. If you develop some logging utility, you can share with the community at [url=]IDN software section[/url].

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