Topic:   How to access the common webMethods IS config folder......
May 06, 2013 11:08 4 Replies 5567 Views varun kumar
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    idnkx user

    varun kumar

    Hi IDN members,

    I am looking for some code suggestions in the below issue.

    Here I have coding to access the config folder which is under package.

    String packageName = Service.getPackageName();
    File packageConfigDir = ServerAPI.getPackageConfigDir(packageName);
    String pkgLogFilename = "packageLogs/"+packageName+ ".log";

    But i want to access the common config folder (IS/config). can anyone suggest the code to access the common config folder......

    I am looking for quick responses.


    idnkx user


    Hi Varun,

    There is no such service to access or get IS config folder, since you know the config folder path you can pass it as a static string.

    File ISConfigDir = "D:\webMethods82\IntegrationServer\config"

    You are using the below code for getting package configuration directory since the directory path changes for every package.

    File packageConfigDir = ServerAPI.getPackageConfigDir(packageName);

    Hope this helps you.

    idnkx user

    Robert Grant

    Pavan is incorrect; just call [url=][/url]

    getServerConfigDir() ServerAPI.getServerConfigDir();

    idnkx user


    Robertlagrant is correct

    Hi varun

    may I know why do you want to access the below path

    File ISConfigDir = "D:\webMethods82\IntegrationServer\config"

    any particular reason?

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