Topic:   Different service logs on webMethods IS and MWS
Jul 11, 2013 09:47 3 Replies 2791 Views Akshat Singhal
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    Akshat Singhal


    When we try to trace any failed transaction that is visible on ISAdmin error log & service log screen in MWS service page, not all transactions are visible.

    We have tried to search for different interface FS is they are not logged at all, though that's not the case as logs for same FS are available on MWS from last week. We tried searching for context ID and parent context ID as well though nothing works.

    Please can anyone help me understand what can cause this difference in logging.


    idnkx user


    It depends on what configuration you set for logging, in IS Admin Settings > Logging from Logger List you select/enable the different kinds of logging which you need based on these settings you can can find IS logs(Service, Error, Server, Session, Guaranteed Delivery, Security) getting updated at IS Admin -> logs

    You can find the same configuration settings at MWS to log for your MWS service page

    idnkx user

    Akshat Singhal

    Hi Pradip,

    Thanks for trying to explain this. Though I feel my question wasn't explanatory enough so I rephrase.

    1) We have multiple failed service logs visible on IS Admin Error log screen (we have set error log to be captured in database)
    2) On MWS-->Application-->Monitoring-->INtegration-->Service page, number of failed services is lesser then IS logs. Not all logs available on IS Admin log acreen are visible on MWS.
    3) We explicitly tried to search for missing error logs on MWS using same service screen and transactions were not found. Though we can still see other transactions for same Flowservice from past.

    We need to know why is this gap and how to fill it. The reason is, MWS is only interface to check and resubmit transactions from front end and edit their pipelines.


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