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Aug 06, 2013 14:50 2 Replies 2760 Views Akshat Singhal
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    Akshat Singhal


    Please can someone help me understand where (in complete webservice call) and what for Provider Webservice end point alias is used.

    If we select any alias while creating the webservice descriptor, the WSDL (xml we pass on to consumer) shows IP:port in 'location=' filed. Though if I don't do so, it has hostname:port for same field.

    This suggests the alias isn't used while consumer makes a call to our provider webservice, hence back to my original question....where and how is it used.

    Any pointers are appreciated.

    Akshat Singhal

    idnkx user


    It should be associated with a Binder..Refer [url=]WSD Developers guide[/url]

    The endpoint alias is usually created for one or more reasons:

    [b]Dynamic endpoint addressing[/b]:
    Using an endpoint alias saves you from having to specify or change the server information each time you use the Web service, because the actual value of the endpoint is looked up at run time.

    An endpoint alias is required in order to configure WS-Security for Web service providers and consumers.
    For information about implementing this Refer [url=]IS Admin guide page[/url] 217..218

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