Topic:   How to check webMethods broker server UPTIME?
Aug 08, 2013 15:17 3 Replies 1735 Views Akshat Singhal
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    idnkx user

    Akshat Singhal


    Please can anyone guide me with the answer to subjected question. I've tried ps -ef | grep awbro to get timing for service though it give only date and not time if server was started on any previous date.

    Thanks in Advance!
    Akshat Singhal

    idnkx user


    You can verify it from MWS. In MWS go to Administration-->Messaging-->BrokerServers-->Servers.

    Here you can verify in Server Log tab of the broker server you are looking for. Hope this helps

    idnkx user



    There is one more way. You can check the process ID for broker.

    E.g If you are on linux/unix, just run the command "ps -ef | grep awbroker". This command should give you the time when the service was started.

    Ninad Patil

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