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    idnkx user


    Hi, i am getting error in list file service . It says that could not find path in allowed read path . i have entered the path in FileAccessControl file , even then it is giving this error.

    this is my file


    idnkx user

    Raj Kumar

    Please keep the following in mind as you modify the parameters in the FileAccessControl file:
    - The asterisk is the delimiter for allowed paths.
    - If a directory name is listed, access is allowed to all files in that directory (but not subdirectories).
    - If a file name is listed, access is allowed only to that file.

    For example, an entry of:
    allowedWritePaths C:\\wm6\\test*C:\\wm6\\test.txt
    will allow your service to write to any file in the directory c:\wm6\test, as well as to the file c:\wm6\test.txt

    Let me know the exact name of the service you are using are you using listFiles in wMPublic package or any other service at PSUtilities package ??

    idnkx user


    After giving the paths in fileAccessControl configuration file, you have to restart the integration server.
    My problem resolved in this way.

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