Topic:   Usage of schema instead of Document list in webMethods
Oct 09, 2013 08:26 2 Replies 1166 Views Anusha
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    Could you please tell me why Schema cannot be used directly in webMethods instead of using DT in WebMethods services.


    idnkx user


    Hello Anuarthi,

    Schema is nothing but a structure of document, we can generate "Document Type" from Schema, and it’s called SchemaDT/ Schema Document Type.

    We can say Schema is a blue print. We can create "Document Type" separately, it is containing fields, but here we have to add fields manually.

    Schema is a flat file schema. schemaDT is a IS Document Type created/generated from this schema.

    Mostly we use Schema to validate the structure, input etc...

    Refer Blog: [url=][/url] Flat file parsing for more understanding on creation of Schemas and Document types with respect to flat files.


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