Topic:   Inbound EDI message processing at webMethods ??
Oct 14, 2013 16:42 2 Replies 2527 Views Asadul
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    Hi Xperts,

    Can anyone describe me how an Inbound EDI message processing at webMethods ??

    We have a scenario here where we get an EDI message into wM Platform, let me know in detail the list of flow services and other concepts used for processing an Inbound EDI file(850,855,..)

    idnkx user

    Raj Kumar

    Hi Asadul,

    Follow the below approach to insatall, configure and set up EDI at wM.

    1. Install the EDI module using the installer on the IS. You will get two packages WmEDI and WmEDITN on the IS Admin(http://:) -> Package -> Management.

    2. Now log on to IS Admin page then go to solutions -> EDI . Now install the relevant ANSI X12 or EDIFACT document types like ORDERS D97A ... , select the corresponding Standard, version and transaction set etc.. and click on the button Install TN document types/Add document type defination to Trading network.

    3. In the same page you will get a link to test your message to see if IS recognized the correct document type when you copy and paste you test data there.

    4. Open the TN console and see the message type and see of your D97A dc type is correctly installed via Document types tab and with a pre processing directive.

    5. Now read the EDI document module to correctly configure your business rules in TN n also read the TN document to see what data type you need to call to decrypt the inbound document payload of EDI to break the header footer n payload correctly to process within your service.

    6. The EDI doc type would be available after installation in the EDI package itself

    7. If you need to validate your Inbound EDI document then use envelopeProcess in WmEDI package.

    Refer : [url=][/url] EDI over TN Blog to see this process with Screenshots.

    Also Refer some other EDI oriented blogs:

    [url=][/url] EDI to Flat file conversion.

    [url=][/url] EDI to XML Conversion

    Hope this helps you..

    Click on the Thank you button if you got benefited from my reply.


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