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    idnkx user

    Satish Kumar

    Hi All,

    I am an facing the same issue even after several re-installs and restarts, please help me how to fix this issue. MWS is not coming up and throwing below error

    MWS _full_.log entries
    java.lang.AbstractMethodError: com.webmethods.portal.portlet.wm_xt_portalrules.mechanics.PortalRulesMechanics.getAllMatchingRulesForUser(Lcom/webmethods/portal/service/meta2/thing/IThingID;Lcom/webmethods/portal/service/meta2/thing/IThingID;)Ljava/util/Collection;
    at com.webmethods.portal.framework.presentation.renderers.DefaultRenderer.render(
    at com.webmethods.portal.framework.presentation.PresentationManager.handlePres(

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