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    how to Create Mapping Specifications for 810,850,855 and 860

    idnkx user



    Mapping spec's will be created by your BA who has the business requirements, or if you would like to create mapping specs then you need to interact with your functional or operations teams or sometimes with end users to check the exact requirements after which you need to transform these business requirements to technical ones.

    You can also browse some good examples on EDI scenarios below:

    Hope this helps and answers your query

    idnkx user

    Mark Veenstra

    If you are in search for some 'templates' on howto create mapping guides that normally the BA would do as mentioned. Here I have attached an example on what I use a lot when creating mapping guides.

    The guide has several tabs. The input and output examples can be filled with real examples. The mapping tab itselve represents a XML structure of our company.


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