Topic:   Unsupported field type -BLOB- found in audit record
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    Hi Experts,

    I found the below error on my IS, any suggestions to fix it ??

    012-01-24 14:34:00 CET [[b]WmAuditingSC.destination.1008W[/b]] [b]Unsupported field type 'BLOB' found in audit record[/b]
    2012-01-24 14:34:00 CET [WmAuditingSC.destination.1008W] Unsupported field type 'BLOB' found in audit record

    WebMethods 8 [WmAuditingSC.destination.1008W]


    idnkx user


    The solution to this problem is to activate the service logger to use the Database
    Integration Server > Administration > Settings > Logging > Service Logger > Edit .. > Destination Database

    I installed webmethods Version 8 and I was wondering, why I can't make service Audit Logging. No Data was written to the Database. When I enabled 'Include Pipeline' in Developer I received the error: [WmAuditingSC.destination.1008W] Unsupported field type 'BLOB' found in audit record.

    Since one of your service is writing a Binary Large object into file and the IS is not allowing it to write to a file its throwing a Error, you can write all strings and character types into a file but if you want to write a BLOB it has to go to a database.

    After reading the manual '8-0-SP1_AuditLogging_Guide.pdf', I found that I have to enable Database logging, per default it is file logging.

    I hope this post is helping other Administrators

    idnkx user


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