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    Hi Experts,

    I want to know the roles and responsibilites of production support and maintenance can any one tell me breifly after the code is moved from supporting environment to production environment.

    idnkx user



    There would be two things here:
    1) Infrastructure Support
    2) Application Support or Maintenance

    1) Infrastructure Support you purely deal with webMethods Infrastructure, components, servers etc in your landscape and some times your scope widens to the database where your meta data would be stored(depends on project) and here your roles and responsibilities include
    i) Providing 2nd level support or on-call support.
    ii) Starting and stopping of servers
    iii) Installation of webMethods components, servers etc
    iv) Applying fixes, patches..etc to your webMethods landscape and databases.
    v) Deploying webMethods applications(packages) through deployer
    vi) Monitoring your webMethods landscape(scripts, cron jobs, OFI, and other monitoring techniques)
    vii) Maintaining Configurations, Repositories etc

    2) Application Support or Maintenance Roles and Responsibilities include
    i) Providing 3rd level support
    ii) Responsible for all or a set of Business Applications running on webMethods
    iii) Application related bug fixes, handling change request
    iv) Planning, preparation of check lists for deploying fixes and CRs
    v) Sometimes using deployer for Deploying your fixes or CRs
    vi) Sometimes Monitoring webMethods applications checking errors and providing resoulutions

    Any one can add other Roles and Responsibilities if you are familiar with apart from those mentioned above

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