Qus:    What is the basic difference between RosettaNet and ebXML standards?
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RosettaNet  is a widely adopted standard that provides message content,choreography and transport  specifications for high-tech manufacturing companies. It is slightly more mature than ebXML ,and its standards development process is targeted  at the high-tech industry.Although  RosettaNet publishes messaging specifications(such as RNIF2.0) but its vision is to develop standards that  pertain to the industry processes.This involves creating message  content specifications and choreography with a reduced focus on the infrastructure that supports such activities.


ebXML is a set of standards developed to enable enterprises to conduct business over the Internet. Its stated goal is similar to RosettaNet, although the specific standards  developed are different. It  produces specifications for messaging,registries,and business processes.Unlike RosettaNet,ebXML is a horizontal standard -it is not targeted towards any particular industry. As a conceptual model for discussing differences between standards ,RosettaNet uses the B2B conceptual model by the Business Internet consortium.

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