Qus:    What are the components in webMethods?
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The webMethods Integration platform is made up of components that you use to design,execute and manage Integration solution.

These components fall into three basic categories:

1) Runtime components

2) Design time components

3) Administrative components


1) RUNTIME :- Execute the Integration solution that you develop.

a)   WebMethods Integration server : Is the platforms runtime component and serves as a entry point for systems and application that you                         want  to integrate.

b)   WebMethods Broker: Is a high speed message router .It is a asynchronus message based solution that are built an publish-subscribe model .

c)   WebMethods mainframe: Integrating with mainframe applications.

d)   WebMethods trading networks and e standard : In a document oriented exchange scenario.

e)   Webmethods Adapters: Adapters run on Integration server . They connect backend resources in the enterprise to integration platform.

f)   webmethods workflow:--  A series of tasks performed  by one or more people.


2) DESIGN TIME :- Provide tool for developing and testing an Integration solutions.

a) WebMethods developer: Developing Integration logic

b) WebMethods workflow Designer : Develop and deploy workflow.

c)  WebMethods Moduler : Is a graphical tool to design and implement business process.


3) ADMINISTRATIVE MONITORING :- Configures the runtime environment  and monitor the execution of Integration solution running on the Platform.

a) webMethods Administrator

b)  WebMethods Monitor

c)   WebMethods manager.


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