Qus:    Can anyone let me know how to learn softwareAG API gateway creation?
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SHIVA Mar 04, 2021 08:37
Answer:   1. Software AG API-Gateway Leverage SAG’s API Management Platform to on-board API economy Dibakar Ghosh Regional Sales Manager Siva Subrahmanyam Sr. Consultant 27th July 2017
2. 3 Key Facts 2 FOUNDATION FOOT PRINT CLIENTELE CORE STRENGTH OWNERSHIP TEAM SIZE Reston, VA Princeton, NJ Delhi Hyderabad Guwahati Lucknow Cupertino, CA Chicago, IL Dublin, Ireland Houston, TX London, UK 1993: 24 years young Startups to Fortune 500 People and process (ISO 9001:2008 and CMMi Level 3) Public limited. BSE|NSE : KELLTONTE C 1500+ employees globally USA, Canada, Ireland , UK & India
3. 4 OthersFinancials Services Energy Utilities ManufacturingRetail Customers by Industry
4. 5 Technology Expertise and Adoption
5. 6 IT Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture Strategy – Advisory Services API / SOA / ESB Core Application Integration – API/SOA Strategy, Governance and COE BPM Solutions with Business Workflows, Rules, Analytics and Dashboards Data Integration, Data Governance and Master Data Management Real-time and Streaming Analytics Solutions in IoT and Big Data Applications SaaS Integration, Cloud Enablement and Hybrid Infrastructure Services Infrastructure Modernization, Continuous Integration / Dev-Ops Services and AMS DCE - Core Services Portfolio
6. 7 Agenda • API Connected Business World – API Economy. • Need for API Management platforms. • Software AG’s API Management Platform. • API Gateway Capabilities • Configuring APIs • Policies Management • Mediation • API Analytics • API Monetization • webMethods API Gateway Product Insights. • Quick Start Guide • Available Editions & Compare the features. • Key Benefits of API Gateway • Demo • Walk through the API Gateway UI & SOAP to REST Transformation.
7. 8 API Connected World – API Economy APIs help Organizations / Businesses to… • Identify innovative business routes. • Become easier to do business with & Improve Customer Experience • Unlock the values of the unique Data and Services. • Accelerates the Enterprise mobile strategy& Enterprise_Data_As_A_Service initiatives. • Unfold opportunities for Digital Transformation Initiatives. API economy describes the way APIs can positively affect an organization's profitability.
8. 9 Need for API Management platforms Companies getting on board the API economy require an API management platform to ensure efficient operations such as design, development, deployment, security, publishing and monitoring of your APIs and services.
9. 10 Need for API Management platforms, contd…
10. 11 Software AG API Management platform webMethods API Gateway • Securely expose your APIs to third-party developers. • Combines the functionalities of wM Mediator and Enterprise Gateway server and exposed as a single product. • Provides a dedicated, web-based user interface to perform all the administration and API related tasks. • Using the webMethods API Gateway web UI, we can easily create APIs, define Service Level Agreement (SLA) policies, and seamlessly publish the APIs to webMethods API-Portal.

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