Qus:    Has anyone performed a thorough iPaaS capabilities comparison involving SnapLogic?
Apr 20, 2021 11:24 1 Answers Views: 860 RITA
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SHIVA Apr 21, 2021 08:41
Answer:   A little background about myself, I have been in the integration space for over 20 years. Worked with virtually all major platforms in the market today.
I did an in-depth 8 weeks iPaaS evaluation between Dell Boomi, Informatica Cloud, Mulesoft, and Snaplogic with access to trial env and full blown POC with perspective sale teams. I have done similar exercise in the past but none were as thorough as this time around. Also, I was able to validate all my findings with my network (many years in consulting) of integration gurus whom were experts in those specific platforms.
In the end, I chosen SnapLogic and fast forward 30 months, we connected 51 SaaS, 200 automations in production and processing over 1.5 billion transactions on a monthly basis with 2 developers. The platform design time and runtime far exceeded it’s competitors. The ability to handle both transactional and big data in an unified platform is unprecedented which we were able to perform numerous data migration and on going integration regardless if it is a handful of records or hundreds of millions. If iPaaS is a car, all these cars sure appear alike but there is only 1 Tesla.

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