Qus:    How many kinds of log files in WebMethods ? And where are they exist ?
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Ansari Apr 13, 2012 06:41

1) Server Operations and errors that occur on Integration Server, such as starting of Integration Server subsystems and loading of packages belonging to Integration Server or other webMethods products.
2) Session Sessions opened on Integration Server by clients and Developer users.
3) Error Stack trace information about all errors that occur in Integration Server, including exceptions thrown by services.
4) Guaranteed delivery Guaranteed delivery transactions.
5) Security Administrative and operational actions on Integration Server, such as modifications to authorization and authentication, and attempts to access Integration Server resources or perform runtime events.
6) Service Services that run in Integration Server.
7) Business process Business processes modeled in Designer that run on Integration Servers.
8) Task Tasks designed in Designer that run on My webMethods Server. Tasks can be called from business processes or can run as standalone tasks.
9) Integration process Integration processes made up of a chain of services that run on Integration Servers.
10) Document In doubt, failed, and retries exceeded documents, and documents that Broker clients publish or subscribe to on Brokers.

By default, Integration Server stores most of the data in flat files

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